Battery Powered Handheld ELECTROSTATIC Sprayer & Disinfectant Bundle - ES-BHHF10B-CCAOX1PQ

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Comes with 1 gallon of Auto Oxide’s RTU Poly Quat Disinfectant Solution.

With a 800ml tank, 122cm (48”) spray distance, and 2 Lithium batteries our Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer is ideal for smaller jobs. Great for small commercial spaces or automotive interiors, the ES-BHHF10B can be more convenient to use than a large backpack fogger while offering the same benefits of electrostatic spraying. The sprayer offers a 4.4 hour run time on full charge.

Additionally, the unit uses our new pump technology to propel the liquid solution, ensuring a near-silent application of disinfectant as compared to fan-driven foggers.

Includes electrostatic bracelet, 2 batteries, charger, safety glasses, and carry case.