Electrostatic spraying - why it’s such a game changer in disinfection.

Electrostatic technology takes disinfection to a whole new level by making the disinfectant attracted to surfaces!

Our new Auto Oxide electrostatic sprayer and electrostatic fogger put a Positive Charge on the mist particles as they exit the spray nozzle. The positive charge creates a very strong force of attraction to all surface areas, helping the mist cling to them and coat them thoroughly as the particles float by. The enhanced adhesion of formula on sprayed surfaces helps speed up the disinfection process and helps reduce formula use.

Benefits of using electrostatic sprayers

Speeds up
disinfection time.

Helps reduce
disinfectant use.

Helps reduce
disinfection costs.

The electrostatic push and pull

We've all heard that "opposites attract", and this phrase has deep roots in physics. Particles with opposite charges attract each other and like-charged ones repel each other. The strenth of these forces is often much higher than gravity.

Interestingly, charged particles are also attracted to non-charged (or neutral) objects, and this is extremely helpful for spraying disinfectants. Since virtually everything around us is neutral, positively charged mist particles will be attracted to surfaces around them. Additionally, positively charged mist particles repel mist particles around them, causing the mist to spread apart, and therefore cover a wider area.

Here are illustrations of how charged particles interact with neutral objects vs. with like-charged particles:

How this helps with disinfecting

Traditional sprayers, whether manual hand-pumped sprayers, or electric sprayers or foggers, propel the mist particles onto the front-facing surfaces. Any overspray is wasted and simply falls to the ground.

An electrostatic sprayer produces a mist that not only spreads easier, but more importantly, easily reaches hidden surfaces, as shown in the illustration below. This enables objects with complex shapes such as chairs, sports equipment, and many other high-touch surfaces to get quickly and evenly coated with disinfectant. This helps reduce both the use of formula and the time it takes to spray.

Traditional Spraying VS. Electrostatic Spraying

We have electrostatic options for both
Automotive and Commercial use:

Automotive Use


Commercial Use